VIA Connections understand the needs of doctors and practitioners and has tailored solutions which can be beneficial to them. We have made medical billing as easy as 1.2.3.

Our core competency and expertise in healthcare technology has enabled us to continuously invent products and services that facilitate healthcare providers in improving and providing steady growth and profitability.

Unwire Technology: Process Simplified

VIA Connections helps doctors and physicians optimize and maximize their revenues. Our package of products and services enables physicians to dedicate services to the patients as they don’t have to perform cumbersome process of billing.

By the passage of time, Unwire technology has evolved into a top notch healthcare company of USA with expertise in Medical Billing Services (MBS).

Unwire’s MBS™ is a highly standardized end-to-end medical billing service that covers the whole sphere of billing cycle (from daily claim submission, follow-up to denial management).

The Company

VIA Connections carefully handle all claims through proper mechanisms and rules which reduce the risk of billing errors and denials. We also handle patient’s statements.

Our billing and practice mechanism is very up-to-date with highly trained work force and sophisticated ERP tools which helps practitioners:

  • improve patient care
  • reduce expenses
  • improve revenues