Modernization Of Customer Service

Do you know how to use Social Media for customer service? Don’t feel bad. Most companies don’t. You are about to find out just how powerful it can be!

Listening To The Web

There are all types of software tools for listening to social media chatter and other types of conversations going on in social media. Using these tools effectively can both improve your own customer service as well as provide opportunities to generate new sales.

Address Complaints

You would be surprised just how many people grip on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social sites about products or services they had a bad experience with. Hopefully they are not griping about your business, but if they are, addressing it quickly can save your company’s reputation. Being alerted when someone says your company name in conjunction with negative phrases like “bad, horrible, gross, disgusting, hate,” etc. is vital to fixing any issues that come up.

Passing Out Compliments

Just as important as addressing negative statements, complimenting people who say positive things is vital. When someone Tweets “I love this company” and you write back and say “We love customers like you!” it makes them feel listened to. Plus all their connections get to see the positive interaction between them and your brand.

Tracking Competitors

One sneaky way of generating new sales is by listening for complaints about your competitors. If you are there to solve their problem or offer a helping hand, you may win over both them and those listening to the conversation.

We have the training and software to provide digital customer service. So if you think this is as important as we do, contact us for a free consultation today!!!

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