The challenge for mobile marketers

The mobile tech industry presents difficult problems to marketers that other forms of media don’t. Before the popularity of mobile devices, marketing was much easier. There was one type of advertising that worked for TV, one type for computers, and one for radio.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

With mobile marketing, one marketing strategy won’t fit all. Currently there are smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and ultrabooks. Then there are upcoming technologies such as Apple’s iWatch and Google’s Glass. The problem with marketing is that it isn’t about the device itself but the concept of a gadget that people take with them.  Marketers need to be able to create a marketing strategy that works across multiple devices and operating systems and that will be effective regardless of the environment the consumer is in.

The Biggest Mistake

By far the most common mistake that mobile marketers make is treating the mobile industry as a unified whole. For example, they rely on the classic banner ad strategy because it works on all devices. While it does save money and reaches the widest audience, it fails to take advantage of the various strengths of each device. As a result it is a less effective strategy.

Liquid Creativity

The secret to successful mobile marketing is “liquid creativity.” Liquid creativity is creating a mobile marketing strategy that capitalizes on the opportunities each mobile device offers. The difficulty in achieving liquid creativity is taking into account the sheer number of mobile devices. One key could be a web server capable of recognizing each separate device and adjusting the advertisement for that device. Another challenge for marketers is learning to measure consumer behavior when they are using so many different devices in so many different ways.

Answering some of these tough questions will make the difference between successful and unsuccessful mobile marketers.

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