Accounts Management (AM) is always a painstaking for the healthcare practitioners as they have to work hard to reconcile their receivables, income and expenditures along with providing better healthcare services.

This holds true for small and medium health care units.VIA Connections understand the needs of the healthcare practitioners and with the passage of time, has developed expertise in Accounts Management, especially in Receivable Management.


VIA Connections mission is to convert the clients’ receivable into revenue as well as curtail their expenses, which is, in fact, our core competency. We have more than 1000 clients and most of them are loyal to us since they begin their business. This is due to our commitment in providing specific recovery services as per the client’s need.

We are able to expand our services to the whole US due to our customer concentric approach; we provide receivable management services at very nominal rate but have significantly increased clients revenues.

We handle all phases of the receivable cycle which helps our clients reduce the amount of time their staff uses in dealing with slow pay or no-pay accounts.

Start Your Business with Us

VIA Connections has a very professional and dedicated team which has very strong background in accounts management. We understand the client’s needs and has tailored-made solution for each of their needs.

Along with Receivable Management, we also assist health care units in handling their income and expense sheet along with any other accounts requirements. We are here for you.