Every business operation and transaction requires paperwork such as purchase vouchers, sales invoices, bills, payroll documentation, bank documentation, tax and freights, and so on and so forth. We need to maintain a steady hand on all these documentation, which involves lots of time and effort.

How to efficiently manage business paper work? How to keep record and track of every business transaction? How to reduce manual labor on heavy piles of files? How to maintain an efficient documentation system for business transactions? These are some burning questions which come in everyone’s mind.

Our Expertise

VIA Connections Outsourcing will help you answer all these questions. Our documentation management solution withholds the power to help you in following areas:

Record and Storage: Our documentation management system helps you record, store, and manage your routine paperwork, electronic files and pictures as per hierarchy you define.

Retrieval: Via our document management system, you can easily retrieve and access your documents and files at any time and date. Defined structure of files also helps you to retrieve as many stored versions you have.

Security: It is a secured documentation management solution which helps you identify and retrieve specific documents as per authorized access key.

Workflow and Time Saving: By using an automated tool, such as our documentation management solution, you can save time and smooth the routine workflow.

Data Collaboration and Integration: Electronic medium for data storage and retrieval of the system integrates and collaborates with complex documentation record and eliminates unnecessary overrides.

Easy to map out and Accessible: Mapping and indexing complex files are easier to perform in our documentation management system as it is a uniquely-defined file structure.

Versioning and Reporting: Versioning of documentation with similar types and checking of each file is easier in our documentation system for it allows access to date and chain of documents from day one to current.