At VIA Connections, we change all your paper archives into computerized visualizations with the assistance of our image scanning tools. Therefore, you do not need to stress over your lumbering paper information.

Digital VS Manual

We offer high image resolution and rapid image scanning for our customers in the US. Checked images are archived and changed over into any record arrangement, which is suitable to your requirements & documented into administration frameworks.

Value-added Utilities:

• Indexing
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) documents
• Data Entry Service in accordance with the particular client necessities

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process that deciphers pictures of typewritten content into machine-editable content. By utilizing our OCR utilities, you can change over paper-based archives into editable computerized records in the needed organizations.

Sneak Peek within VIA Connections:

> We can carry out image scanning with flatbed scanners just in the case of sensitive/ delicate reports or where the books cannot be released.

> We, moreover, have specific scanners with programmed record feeders to furnish superior and sharp resolution images, large volume and speedier picture scanning.

>  Scanned images are archived and changed over into any document configuration which is suitable to your necessities & report administration frameworks.

We transfer digital pictures and list informative content in organizations specified by our clients; the majority of our clients at present need conveyance of TIFF or PDF arranged images, usually saved at 300 DPI. We can transfer practically all industry standard representation designs and can scan pictures at any resolution.

We are keen and eager to fulfill your requirement. Free OCR / scanning sample to gain your trust and dependency upon the nature of our work through value addition.