This program is gaining popularity worldwide among the buying and selling transacting through the phones.

What Does It Mean?

The term third party verification is used when an outside organization reviews the information provided by the customer to make sure that the information is accurate.

It is used by several companies including schools, universities, local governments, health care centers, hospitals, real estate agencies, travel services, utility companies, telecom companies, internet service providers and many more.

– helps you to check and recheck
– involve verification of services for the businesses who deal with electronic payments of any kind
– used for purposes when a customer wants to provide or update information but he cannot do it immediately because the update might be occurring online or by means of phone.

Business Processing Outsourcing

Third party verification in business process outsourcing involves a variety of services.

VIA Connections is a market leader in third party verification in BPO business. We provide multiple purposes to ensure complete verification as an external party.

We manage the customer interaction in the best possible ways. We believe that our success is driven by the success of our customers; we believe that our customers are our partners. We help you in resolving your issues with quality and on-time services.

VIA Connections will provide you with a professional cost-effective solution to your third party verification services, and we’ll serve you with an access to expertise and an operational cost control over your exceeding bills.


– improved customer service
– reduced marketing costs
– higher amount of sales
– greater coverage across the globe
– interaction with an increased number of customers
– saves your time and the potential frustration of having to talk to another third party

Verifying by the third party might seem to be annoying but it surely works to save businesses and customer’s money and their frustration.