VIA Connections is a household name in Transcription Services. We are the topmost company offering a vast spectrum of services in Transcription arena.

Be it in Marketing, Education, Financial, Legal, Business, Technical, Medical fields or others, we are at your service.

We have a very dedicated and professional team whose first priority is to provide topmost services to the clients in all parts of USA. We can transcribe all digital file formats, as well as standard and micro-cassette tapes.



We know that, nowadays, security is of paramount importance to every individual. To avoid cost, many companies are using free file transfer service that is not encrypted or secure. Clients are very important to us and we consider their confidentiality so seriously that we provide them a secure and encrypted site to upload files and for overall delivery solution.


Everything revolves around costs. In this time of recession where every penny saved is counted, VIA Connections has transparent price structure. We have a flat rate pricing structure for transcription services based on audio minutes. This makes our clients aware of what they have to pay for each job.


Others claim that their data is 98% to 99% accurate. We do not dispute their claim but we are a household name in Transcription Services, so how can we compromise on accuracy? Even our motto is “VIA Connections Accuracy is VIA Connections Specialty”. Our accuracy rates stands at 99% which is tested.

Timely delivery:

We offer you services even on weekdays as we know the importance of meeting deadline. The client’s satisfaction always comes first.