Lower your Help Desk Support Costs

Want to EASILY…

  • Lower your support cost
  • Improve the level of service to your customers and internal departments
  • Maximize support team efficiency
  • Increase management and control over telecom support activities

Key Features:

  • Robust capabilities for defining workflows, inventoried and non-inventoried products, and pricing
  • Routes the order to appropriate individuals in your organization for review and approval and  lets you track order status
  • Supports integration with other systems; enables email bonding with vendors

VIA Connections’ Help Desk, a successful BPO, is a powerful work flow system which:

(1) facilitates defining flexible processes, and

(2) manages work orders or trouble tickets and tracking them from initiation up to completion.

It has a built-in escalation mechanism which ensures successful delivery of requested work and improves the level of support for corporate end-users.