We at VIA Connections value time and that is the basis of our money transfer services which we offer in 196 countries in the world. Our service is 100% guaranteed that your money will reach its destination before the recipient calls you to inquire about its status.

With state- of- the- art equipments and efficient staff, we perform our service at its best. For us to serve you much better in future, your record goes permanently into our database for evaluation. A one stop solution with minimum paperwork- all we require is a basic ID and contact details to send your cash safely to its destination.

What We Are

For years we’ve been serving customers worldwide in their times of need and urgency. With us, rest assured that your cash is just as important to us as it is to you. So we invite you to use our service and find out yourself the quality and satisfaction we offer. With very competitive mark up and profit rates that will surely surprise you, VIA Connections is the perfect choice for your personal deals as well as your business transactions.

We are presently associated with many well known multinationals FMCG’s of the world. We handle their business transactions and processing on the personal side as we are proudly serving housewives, husbands and families in personal money deals and transactions.

You will not regret the choice that you are about to make by selecting us as your permanent money transaction and wire services.