Our Objective

Our services aims to enhance performance effectiveness and to provide broad-based integrated contact center solutions to all businesses. As an integrated part of our customer support/service and Back office services, chat support and email support take the center-stage.

What’s In It For Us

What works in our favor is that we are open to new and dynamic changes and we continually upgrade our robust infrastructure. VIA Connections BPO has been continuously empowering itself with the use of innovative technology and skilled manpower to offer you the right service value through its global delivery model.

Effective and Efficient Communication

Email Support and Chat Support have now developed in becoming the two most basic means of transmitting real-time essential data thereby influencing customer relationships.

This is the main reason why most businesses are willing to outsource their customer services like help desk support, technical support, and complaint collection. Most non-voice support processes today integrate email and chat support.

Pay Attention To Your Customer

Having the email queries of customers and prospects answered promptly, accurately and efficiently will help improve customer satisfaction, thereby enabling retention and repeat business growth.

Offshore email support services thus help you to bring a balance at work solely between the off-peak and the peak periods. This translates to effective time and resource utilization. Having such lowers call volumes thus cutting higher costs associated with voice support.


Chat support and email support covers the support areas of technical support, help desk support, order fulfillment, problem resolution, transaction, verification, and many more BPO processes.

We can partner you on email support and chat support services to achieve your business email management goals with enhanced response quality and improved response time.

In order to facilitate the process of email handling, our agents are highly trainable and can be extensively trained on your products and services. They also get educated on the recent and emerging email technologies, allowing them to leverage on the latest use of email techniques.

VIA Connections’ Live Chat Support enables the customer care representatives to make their customers available with the co-browsing and web alliance aid. The chat support form is a type of web collaboration that lets a customer care representative and the customer to share common display space.

Our Chat Support Service includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing Services
  • Complaint registration and its resolutions
  • Technical problem resolution
  • Live customer support
  • 24×7 online support
  • Reliable source to get first hand information of your services and products

Our Email Support covers diverse areas that includes but is not limited to:

  • Product Inquiries
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Taking
  • Feedback or response to inquiry
  • Query resolution
  • Troubleshooting for services and products
  • Payment Inquiries and documentation
  • Query Resolution
  • Product or Service information requests
  • Customer guidance in collecting data